1. Ras Nebyu x Capital of hate x Washington Slizzards!! reppin DMV!

  2. Nas x Damian Marley x Distant Relatives

  3. Sara Nuru. Damn.

  4. Robel - Chiss!

  5. Robel Musika- Gelila. One of my favorite joints right now! Anything for gelila!

  6. Flawless Habesh Chick: Liya Kebede 

  7. Jungle Crew Cypher! Addis Ababa stand the fuck up! Jungle Crew are the realest MCs to come out of Addis! 

  8. Young Kirb ( Kirubel Mersha ) - Ethiopia Pride. Dope beat. Dope lyrics. This dude is doin it right for mama tobia!

  9. Arada Boyz - Shisha. Kudos to these niggaz for recognizing a very crucial element in the ethio-american-diasbora-findata expereince: the beloved SHISHA!